China Professional 20B-3 Metric Roller Chain Sprockets with Good quality

20B-3 roller chain sprockets are produced for metric 20B-3 roller chain and are created in accordance with ISO, DIN, and BS228 specifications. Our sprockets are precision created from large-good quality steel, straight interchange with other manufactures, and are engineered for superb overall performance and longevity. Widespread styles of these sprockets consist of B-Hub, C-Hub, and taper bushed type but other folks are offered on request.

20B-3 B-Hub Sprockets

Sprocket Dimension Tooth Depend Pitch Diameter Inventory Bore Optimum Bore Hub Diameter (H) Length Through Bore (L) Sprocket Fat (kg)
E20B10 10 102.75mm 25mm 47mm 69mm 110mm three.ninety five
E20B11 eleven 112.70mm 25mm 52mm 79mm 115mm 5.26
E20B12 12 122.67mm 25mm 60mm 90mm 115mm 6.21
E20B13 13 132.67mm 25mm 64mm 100mm 115mm 9.26
E20B14 14 142.68mm 25mm 73mm 110mm 115mm nine.seventy six
E20B15 fifteen 152.71mm 25mm 80mm 120mm 115mm ten.eighty one
E20B16 16 162.75mm 25mm 80mm 120mm 115mm twelve.76
E20B17 seventeen 172.79mm 25mm 80mm 120mm 115mm fourteen.seventy six
E20B18 eighteen 182.84mm 25mm 80mm 120mm 115mm 16.71
E20B19 19 192.90mm 25mm 80mm 120mm 115mm 19.thirteen
E20B20 20 202.96mm 25mm 80mm 120mm 115mm 21.fifty seven
E20B21 21 213.03mm 25mm 92mm 140mm 115mm 23.36
E20B22 22 223.10mm 25mm 92mm 140mm 115mm twenty five.sixty five
E20B23 23 233.17mm 25mm 92mm 140mm 115mm 27.90
E20B24 24 243.25mm 32mm 95mm 145mm 120mm 27.19
E20B25 25 253.32mm 32mm 95mm 145mm 120mm 27.ninety
E20B26 26 263.41mm 32mm 95mm 145mm 120mm 31.ninety
E20B27 27 273.49mm 32mm 95mm 145mm 120mm 35.ninety
E20B28 28 283.57mm 32mm 95mm 145mm 120mm 39.ninety
E20B30 30 303.75mm 32mm 95mm 145mm 120mm 47.90
E20B32 32 323.92mm 32mm 95mm 145mm 127mm 51.57

20B-3 C-Hub Sprockets

Sprocket Dimension Tooth Depend Pitch Diameter Stock Bore Optimum Bore Hub Diameter (H) Size Via Bore (L) Sprocket Fat (kg)
E20C35 35 354.20mm 32mm 97mm 152mm 127mm fifty seven.29
E20C36 36 364.29mm 32mm 97mm 152mm 127mm fifty nine.35
E20C38 38 384.48mm 40mm 97mm 152mm 127mm 62.56
E20C42 42 424.86mm 40mm 97mm 152mm 127mm 70.12
E20C45 45 455.15mm 40mm 97mm 152mm 127mm 75.84
E20C57 fifty seven 576.35mm 40mm 102mm 191mm 127mm 100.11
E20C60 60 606.66mm 40mm 102mm 191mm 127mm 104.86
E20C68 sixty eight 687.48mm 40mm 102mm 191mm 127mm 117.fifty four
E20C76 seventy six 768.30mm 40mm 102mm 191mm 127mm 130.21
E20C80 80 808.71mm 40mm 102mm 191mm 127mm 136.55
E20C95 ninety five 960.28mm 40mm 102mm 191mm 127mm a hundred and sixty.31
E20C114 114 1152.27mm 40mm 102mm 191mm 127mm one hundred ninety.41