China Best Sales 22-45kw Mine Flameproof Permanent Magnet Synchronous Frequency Conversion Motor with Tbvf Series Simple Structure Small Size High Efficiency High Power Factor vacuum pump

Product Description



The mine flameproof permanent magnet synchronous frequency conversion motor is developed  and produced by Xihu (West Lake) Dis.n Electric Co., Ltd. It is a new type of mine cableway with permanent magnet frequency conversion technology as its core. Compared with traditional transmission drive system, the permanent magnet direct drive system has many advantages such as low speed,  energy saving, low noise, high torque, high transmission efficiency, stable operation, compact structure and small space. And it is suitable for all bad working conditions.



1. Improve transmission efficiency and reduce power waste

The transmission efficiency of the traditional drive system is less than 70%, and the energy consumption of its Y series asynchronous motor is only international IE1 level (equivalent to the national third level energy consumption standard). But the transmission efficiency of this system  is about 93%, and the energy consumption of its permanent magnet synchronous motor can reach the international IE4 level (higher than the national energy consumption standard), so that  the comprehensive energy-saving rate is more than 20% higher than that of the traditional drive system.

2. The system realizes soft start and maintenance-free.
The system uses the frequency converter to control the start, which can realize the slow uniform  speed start for the transmission, avoiding the shock of the instantaneous high current of the motor starting to power grid, and the mechanical shock of the instantaneous sharp increase of torque to the transmission system, thus reducing the power grid fault and mechanical fault of the system. Compared with the traditional driving mode, its dynamic safety factor is higher in the same conditions, which can effectively improve the safety of the whole machine of coal mine cableway device.

Maintenance-free, the permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) adopts the way of connecting the driving wheel directly, removing the mechanical driving equipment in the middle, greatly reducing the probability of failure, thus greatly reducing the cost of maintenance and basically achieving maintenance-free.

3. Large starting torque

The permanent magnet synchronous motor of the system can output constantly the starting torque 2.8 times of the rated load, but the starting torque of asynchronous motor used in the traditional drive system under the same power conditions is 55% of the rated load, which cannot meet the system normal starting, for which it needs to increase the motor capacity to meet the starting torque, but the normal running of its system can waste resources.

4. Low noise and high power density.






TBVF-22/66 YC (660/1140), TBVF-30/66 YC (660/1140), TBVF-37/66 YC (660/1140), TBVF-45/66 YC (660/1140) series permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) are mainly used in overhead equipment of coal mines and can be used in explosion-proof places or ground non-explosion-proof places. The series permanent magnet synchronous motor has the advantages of simple structure, small size, high efficiency and high power factor.




ZheJiang Xihu (West Lake) Dis.n Electric Co., Ltd. is located in HangZhou, the largest anthracite base in China. Founded in May 2003, the company’s registered capital was RMB 114 million, with total assets of RMB 815 million and the existing staff of over 1100. At present, our company has 6 industrial parks, divided into Xihu (West Lake) Industrial Park, Four Mining Industrial Park, Lock Spring Industrial Park, HangZhou Industrial Park, Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Remanufacturing Park, and Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Remanufacturing Park, covering a total area of over 650 acres.


Our company has more than 30 patents now, mainly engaged in the R&D and production of intelligent electric automation, intelligent transportation and lifting, intelligent warehousing, power system, ventilation fluid and other series of over 80 products.

Our company has registered 5 R&D institutions in ZheJiang , HangZhou, ZheJiang and HangZhou, laying a solid foundation for technical upgrading and renewing generation for products.  And it has been responsible for the production of the high-efficiency, energy-saving core technology products required by the national Eleventh Five-year plan, and the research and  development of the high-efficiency permanent magnet motor and frequency conversion control,  the key projects of national energy-saving for the Twelfth Five-year plan.



1.High-tech Enterprise, Provincial Technology Center
2.Two-phase CHINAMFG Demonstration Enterprises
3.China Quality and Integrity Enterprise
4.ZheJiang Top 100 Enterprises
5.ZheJiang Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises
6.Following Contract and Observing Credit Enterprise
7.ZheJiang Quality and Reputation AAA-Class Enterprise
8.Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of Science and Technology
9.Technology Center of ZheJiang Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
10.ISO9001 Quality Management System
11.ISO14001 Environmental Management System
12.ISO18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System
13.National CHINAMFG Program
14.CHINAMFG Bridge Award of China Technical Market
15.Measurement Guarantee Unit


1.The first production enterprise in rare earth flameproof permanent magnet motor and flameproof flat coil core transformer for mining.
2.One of the country’s 3 major mining transformation production bases, and the largest coal machine equipment manufacturing enterprise in ZheJiang province.
3.The permanent magnet direct drive motor and frequency conversion control produced by our company, have put into use in HangZhou Coal Industry Group, ZheJiang Coal and Chemical Industry Group, HangZhou Coal Industry Group and other major coal industry groups.
4.Distribution transformer products have been successfully shortlisted as qualified suppliers for National Power Grid and China Southern Power Grid.


1. The payment term: We accept TT, 30% deposit and 70% balance against copy of BL.
2. The delivery time: Usually it will take about 3 months.
3. The standard of package: Usually use strong plywood case for protection.
4. Warranty: In 12 months since BL date.


1. Reply within 24 hours.
2. Perfect service commitment.
3. Provide services during the pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales, all the way (Including quality warranty).
4. Be free of charge in training and tutoring after sales.


Foreign Trade Manager: Miss Evelin

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Application: Universal, Industrial, Power Tools, Coal Mines and (Non-)Explosion-Proof Places
Operating Speed: Constant Speed
Number of Poles: 66
Certification: ISO9001
Brand: OEM
Specification: Weight: 2400-4100kg


China Best Sales 22-45kw Mine Flameproof Permanent Magnet Synchronous Frequency Conversion Motor with Tbvf Series Simple Structure Small Size High Efficiency High Power Factor   vacuum pump	China Best Sales 22-45kw Mine Flameproof Permanent Magnet Synchronous Frequency Conversion Motor with Tbvf Series Simple Structure Small Size High Efficiency High Power Factor   vacuum pump
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